Test and inspect before you buy!

If you're planning to buy a second-hand car, your safest bet is to call us for a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection. Having a friend that "knows about cars" come with you is good, but it's better to call the professionals and have an experienced mechanic accompany you and evaluate the condition of the vehicle.

What are the benefits of our inspection?

  • Reveal vehicle's hidden problems before they become your expenses
  • Help you evaluate the actual market price of the car and assist you in negotiating a better deal
  • Help you avoid buying a "lemon" or a car that has been abused

What does the inspection include?

We will reveal any hidden information that the car's electronic systems may store - the real mileage of the vehicle, whether it was abused or not (overrevving, for example), or even if it was driven under harsh conditions (stop-and-go traffic). We use advanced diagnostic equipment to connect to vehicle sensors, retrieve diagnostic trouble codes, examine ignition parameters, and get other important clues of the vehicle's condition.

In addition to that we cover more than 50 inspection points, including engine, transmission, AC and climate control, brakes, suspension, body, interior, airbags, gaskets & seals, exhaust, electrical components, lubrication and virtually each and every important vehicle component.

Our pre-sales inspection service will also advise you on the real market price of the vehicle you'd like to buy, based on the condition and the specifications of the car.