Car Repair

Mechanical problem? Car overheating in slow traffic? Issues with the complex car electronics? Accident damage or parking dents? You've come to the right place. With a rich history starting in 1970, our family-owned and operated workshop has been able to help owners of all types of car since taking over the business in 2014 - from luxury Rolls Royce and Bentley limousines, Pagani Zonda and Ferrari supercars, RangeRover off-roadsters, Harley Davidson bikes, to everyday classics such as Toyota Camry, Volkswagen Golf and Honda Civic.

Step 1. Call us for help.

The process of repairing your car starts right as you dial 403-272 0100 - the telephone of Mr. Arif Mahmood, workshop manager and your single point of contact. Arif is friendly, straightforward and helpful. He's also a skilled mechanic that can answer virtually all your questions and in many cases offer free advice that might rectify the problem or save the situation until help arrives.

Step 2. Diagnose, estimate, communicate.

In the mean index.html, work has already started at the workshop - manufacturers' technical bulletins for your vehicle are checked, work plan is laid and inquiries are sent to spare parts suppliers to check for component availability. This is crucial in determining what you've initially wanted to know - how much index.html and money are required to bring your vehicle back in condition for safe and comfortable motoring. Obviously in most cases the problem cannot be diagnosed over the phone, so the team is dispatched to test the vehicle using our professional computer diagnostics toolkits - make the estimate and if needed, transport it safely to the workshop.

Step 3. We repair.

The secret of our success is in the right tools and the attention to detail.

Most importantly, we try to repair modules or components, and only if impossible, risky or unreasonable, we would suggest replacement. We value your money! There are hundreds of invisible steps behind the scenes and we're willing to share some of them, but others remain our trade's secret.

Step 4. We test.

It is rather unpleasant to receive a car after servicing just to re-discover the defect several days later. That's why our teams cross-check each other's work. Computer-based car diagnostic tools, drive tests, mounted-camera recording and other methods are utilized in order to verify the work. For those that are familiar with moden diagnostics equipment will recognize the systems that we use - VAG-COM, Launch X-431, AutoBOSS, AutoEnginuity and many others.

Step 5. We deliver.

We will deliver your car and provide a comprehensive report on the work done, involved labour and spare parts costs, warranty information and some maintenance tips (such as when is the next service interval). Our pricing is fair and we try to deliver great value for money. We would love to see you come back, although we wish you don't - may you have a safe and reliable motoring experience.

We will never make you a victim of the trial-and-error method that certain car repair workshops are using. What will win you over is the fact that we are honest and open - If we can't repair something, we will simply admit it and will try to refer you to a garage that can handle your car problem.

Car Models

We repair and service a wide variety of car types and vehicle systems. Currently our capabilities are only limited by the availability of diagnostic equipment and services manuals, but not know-how.

We have extensive experience, diagnostics equipment, technical specifications, official service bulletins and other know-how for a very broad range of vehicles, including:

Cars that we repair

  • Toyota, Lexus (all commonly available models, including imports)
  • Mazda (all models)
  • Ford (Focus, Edge, and all commonly available models, including imports)
  • Hyundai (all models)
  • Porsche (Cayenne, Boxter, Panamera, Carrera, 911, etc)
  • RangeRover and LandRover (all models)
  • BMW (all models)
  • Audi, VW, Seat (all models)
  • Mercedes (all commonly available models)
  • Nissan, Mitsubishi (all models)
  • Infinity, Lexus (most commonly available models)
  • Dodge, Camaro, Mustang (various models)
  • Peugeot (all models)
  • Renault (all models)
  • Volvo (most commonly available models)